3 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi

Taksim, Gezi Park and Istiklal in-between protests 12 Noon - 14:00, June 3-4, 2013

Walking up the street from our home towards Taksim

The barricade that blocks access to our street

Up on the main street. Barricades front of German Consulate

Graffiti says "Tayyip You are so Sweet"

Vandalized telephone booth and business as usual at news kiosk on the way to Taksim

Barricades at Taksim Square entrance from Gumussuyu

Burnt and upturned minibus at the baricade

Gumussuyu entrance barricade from Taksim  Square

One more barricade, on the square, front of  Ataturk Culture Center

The first barricade towards Dolmabahce

You would hardly think there was a problem here. Our first broad view of Taksim Square towards Gezi Park

The destroyed broadcast vehicle of NTV CNBCE which gave slanted coverage of the  protest

Graffiti makes it "AKP's News Channel"
Apparently people withdrew millions of $ from bank owned by same group today

Some other curious people and others just  walking by

An Istanbul Municipality van caught at the wrong time and place

Kids too young to drive, practicing in stationary vehicle

A small supply center from The Classless Unallied Platform

Sign says, "Do not keep silent, do not bow your head , do not hide. Take sides, withstand"

Barricade on street next to Marmara Taksim hotel

Curious kids testing strength of  the vehicle while they have an easy chance

top of the fashion

A religiously properly attired lady provides free food and drinks to protesters

More photos of free food and drinks

A conqueror ????

A second conqueror joins the first

Young high school kids from a school on the Asian side
They are not afraid to identofy themselves and their school

high school kids enjoying their freedom of expression. Are these the ideological vandals directed by the opposition party?

A group chanting and marching towards the park. Note the kids!!

another shot of that group

Marching group towards the Park

Another view of approaching group.

a closer look at them

Are these the ones the PM threatens to send his devout believers against?


A sign by the Anti-Capitalist Moslems : "those who meet violence and attack will become a single body and help each other:" Sura 39 from the Koran

Center of Taksim Gezi Park

Part of Gezi Park

Another shot of Gezi Park

Gezi park

Some dog food for the strays brought to the park by an animal lover

Center of Park and flowers planted by protesters

Protester resting after a long night

A gay liberation group with their free food and drink stand

Support by the National Theatre, National Opera and Ballet

LIfe long competitors and enemies Fenerbahce and Galatasaray jersey wearing kids protesting together.

Some more scavenging vandals (as per PM's description)

A more crowded part of the Park

A visitor or an inhabitant?
Not a protester

These are the kids the fundamentalists may attack with bats and knives if PM has his way.

a well prepared protester

Cat food left for the strays. I hope some managed to survive the pepper gas.

From  the North edge of the park towards the square

barricade bus

Burnt up city bus and free riding youth.

Barricades North of the Square

A pro-government TV  taking propaganda video next to destroyed buses and baricades, overseen by undercover police who would not let me photograph him.

cleaning up graffiti on Istiklal

Barricade down Kazanci Street

Entrance to Siraselviler Street blocked

Entrance to Istiklal Street from Taksim 

Istiklal Street

A group moving up Istiklal towards Taksim

A new group moving towards Taksim

Kid earning for the guy on the left at Istiklal, Business as usual

Three protestors wearing Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas team jerseys

The tent of the Chamber of Engineers and Architects
 June 4

"If we were afraid of gas we would not fart"
june 4

First aid and Food & Beverage station

Large family of  tourists

One of many Simit carts competing with free food

Corn on the cob ignored with difficulty

The Toy Umbrella Man with Eser

A new group moving towards Taksim

Great tasting , also means warm enough to swim in Istanbul

Fresh herbs for your Burgers

Not personals but wishes regarding Mr. Erdogan

Eser, checking for police helicopter or pigeon with bad aim

Mother checking what her kids are up to

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Watching opposition leader at tea and water pipe cafe in the park

Preparing empty extinguishers for refilling

Blanket storage for the night watch

Art work



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Previous concert put these kids to sleep

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Flag sailsman

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what is he protesting?

We bought medical supplies and food for the stands at same time with lady with the red bag

Your democracy is dictatorship, economy is slavery, stuff yourselves, you'll end up in the dump.

Pausing for her rights

Approving the sign

Two young teens joining

The Ataturk Cultural Center under renovation put to good use

New group coming up to the park

Educating your child

Conservative family entering the park

Under cover police lady ???

She was baby sitting when she decided to join

Top of the fashion

Delivery boys :)

Coming for some intellectual conversation

Another lonely conservative joining

Mother and daughter

One more group

This protest is not by political parties but by the people. Welcome!

All ages were there

Another group approaching

Our new friends from the Asian side of Istanbul after distributing the cookies they  baked

The remaining flock of pigeons after the gas attacks

A shrine to famous poet Nazim Hikmet

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