28 Aralık 2012 Cuma


It was of a time. It was of no time.

The queen sat in her night gown with pointed pursed nipples sloping
downward. A lady-in-attendance had her legs tucked under, lest a stray
ray of energy should reach her vacuous eyes through the feet if they
touched the ground.

The obvious cat sprawled, turned on her back, 
stretched and fetused back to slumber.

I tried to remember my questions linking time and technology to the princely
grandson who etherized in and out, to no avail. This was not the place for
logic and meaning. There was no coincidence, accident, chance and
probability. It was all as it had been and will be in this solid block of
timeless time.

I extricated myself slowly, silently, carefully shouldering aside strands of
inertia and cobwebs of  momentum which were still trying to unwind from
monolithic memories. 

The door to the multi cases of stairs leading to other obvious,
sprawling cats stood open in front of me.

December, 2012

15 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi

Printed With Approval of Her Royal Highness


(Written after another union of the minds, in the eye of the storm)

 She is very efficient in reminding you of where you stand. "You are somewhere," she says, "but I cannot see you well, nor do I wish to admit to your presence or absence in this time and space except as a target of unease. A nuisance value is what you can hope to achieve at best. That is, if you speak out at those times, but stop before her irritation hits higher levels.

Disappearing does not help much. Memories of those frequent minor catastrophic times grow out of proportion in frequency and severity unlike their natural relatives or accidents.

Staying quiet is taken to mean you belittle her unhappiness, while consolation is regarded as condescension.

Do not ever try to buy her off with an immediate present. An expensive one will remind her of the time(s) you had vetoed expenditures because of tight budgets. A cheap present will make her feel cheap and even more unloved.

Attempting to talk about the good old times of sharing months, years or decades of good times, adventures, children, success stories or goofs, reminds her that all that is now in the past and will never happen again because you are old, a grouch, insensitive, egotistical, unloving, not the same person, sick, disgusting, hateful, difficult, uncaring, self-centered, lazy, depressed, diabetic, obese, with bad eye-sight, with too many implants, and so on and on.

Waiting a while and trying to get her to discuss plans for a new vacation, a visit to children, a new venture which may help the financial or emotional coffers almost always also backfires. If she is unhappy with her present lot which has you in it why should a future with a great deal of more of you cheer her up or even interest her?

Can you supply a young prince charming to take her out of the dumps? Never. You should never even consider this. This would be the worst affront and insult to a loyal spouse whose loyalty can be the subject of thousands of romances from time immemorial.

The best solution that I have been able to find in all my experience and thirty odd years of marriage is to arrange for a close friend, another woman, who has had similar or worse experiences with another detestable male, to call her for a longish session of talks about life and misery. It helps if this friend has told her a number of times in the past, "Your husband has some redeeming features, but, honestly, I cannot understand how you can stand his holier than though and know-it-all attitude."

11 Mayıs 2012 Cuma

International Politics Lecture

I find it interesting that the British are very good in putting together recent history and facts (a la George Smiley!!) into a coherent whole, to explain issues almost anywhere in the world but do not appear to care enough to come up with sensible possible forecasts and analyses for predicting the future on the basis of what they have concocted. Or they really never had this ability or the agenda.

The Americans are very poor in reading behind and between the lines and have difficulty in explaining the past or the present in realistic terms. What is worst, the Americans will then go ahead and build their own fantasy futures based on crumbling or stacked decks of cards. They then commit themselves to these false futures and have difficulty in changing political, economic, military, (even automobile production) policy to meet the true facts as they become known. By the time they have the clockwork re-arranged, oiled and in working order, the facts have changed and they have a new set of myths, disregarding some of the old ones, replacing others and producing new ones at science fiction writers workshops posing as universities although they also have some very good think tank institutions with better and rational capabilities which are not so popular because they criticize more than they advise.

And then, there are all the puny power hungry individuals and groups everywhere in the world who try to cheat and connive to get a larger portion of a pie they cannot eat in comfort let alone take with them.

April, 2012

10 Mayıs 2012 Perşembe

Mutatis Mutandis


People who moralize

Also demoralize

But do they realize

That what they do, others may plagiarize

Those others who live in many a high-rise

And over us towerize

With smirks and leers and smiles they specialize

Always calling it compromise

When they publicize

What they proselize

Ahmet Cafer Celebiler

April 2012

(Thinking of politicians, Ministers of Education and such)