12 Şubat 2013 Salı

Pictures of the Engaging Engagement : Nese+Alparslan

 The waiter, Bekir, taking up a prominent position
 The pillw hidden under my shirt did not scare Alparslan's aunt
 The female in-laws toasting (well, some of them anyway)
 Nese among friends who allow her to act the princess
 Mother and Sister-in-Law replacing Nese's earrings with presents, and bending her ears at the same time.
 Eser declaring her over-protective motherhood once again. But Ceylan does not seem to mind
 The groom and mother-in-law get along well.
 Lecturing again and putting a new in-law to sleep.
 Brother-Sister and the in-laws.
 Comfortably away from the maddening crowd at the other end of the room
My brother and nephews aware of the seriousness of the occasion. Two married one at same stage as Nese,  pondering the past and the future. :)

10 Şubat 2013 Pazar

2. More Food

The hood on the camera was forgotten and cause the intriguing shadow in the form of a giant's finger on some of the photographs. 
There were:
canepes of hot and sweet Thai chili sauce spread, goat cheese and figs, apricot or sour plums
Sacks of Thai-Chinese fusion stir-fried salmon with shitake and carrots
shot glasses filled with carrot-potatoe-pea and gherkins sauteed with garlic
tiny plates of lentil kofte with mango pickle on baby romain leaf
lentil kofte, plain, wrapped with sheep's sorrel leaves
tiny oven roasted lightly kebap spiced meatballs with cheese
small borek filled with cheese
small borek filled with ground beef
Plates of fresh carrots, cucumbers, radish, cauliflower and broccoli with dip
Circasian chicken tartalettes
aubergine and pine nut pilav cooked with olive oil in small ice cream glasses
bulgur with pepper and tomatoes and basil wrapped in swiss chard on porcelain spoons
Antioch Surk cheese , shredded celeriac and sweet radish filled fried seashell pasta
entremets : jelly, cream, and sour cherry or raspberries with sauce

It is 27 hours later, the guests are long gone and we are still eating .

Our alcohol consumption was only six bottles of French champagne, two bottles of Scotch and  five bottles of wine  besides some beer, Raki, and a few glasses of gin and vodka tonic.

An Engaging Engagement Party 1 : The Food

There was a glitter to the food, possibly due to the transparent wrap for protection against poking fingers before the guests arrived.