28 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

Black Sea Beach (Burc Beach at Bosphorus University Campus)

PART I    The Sand, The Sea and The People

Hot windy humidity hits when you join rows of vehicles upon vehicles on pre-sand ground and trees far away. Walk through dining coffeeing area on wooden platform, all shaded, all childed; past bean bags difficult to desert when desired. Thanks for the plank path and empty lounge chairs, some with pads showing signs of secretions of injuries of former victims.

Sit and observe : Cosmic, multivarious, multifarious, infantile and obviously fertile skin evidently on the prowl. Strangely secretive glances at devouring waves with inconsequential eyes, disregarding the distant horizons.
Wind carries through mutterings of Selma and Susan together with the surf and possibly a few gems and Johns lurking on the sidelines.

Observe and perceive : "Maximum" parasols give minimum cover but may still shade the ungainly cubist; the malformed and the misformed sculptures not to be confused with the bumps and hallows in the sand, apparent remnants of designed and shaped ideas feelings, beliefs and appendages.

28 August, 2014
Editing what was written on the beach

14 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

A Welcome to the Sunset of Another Long Summer Day in Istanbul

Leander's Tower After the Sunset

Some scenes change, some people change, buildings stay as buildings and gulls are always seagulls, while the daughters of modern day Leanders stay safe from venomous serpents in their towers of stones built on rocks in the sea or of tents of anxiety  built on doubts of millenia and multitudes in the deserts.

Someone blocks Leanders's Tower
But I prefer to see her head

We look at each other after 36 years together and think it has always been 36 years and will always be that.
no venomous serpents, no anxieties, no doubts.