12 Şubat 2013 Salı

Pictures of the Engaging Engagement : Nese+Alparslan

 The waiter, Bekir, taking up a prominent position
 The pillw hidden under my shirt did not scare Alparslan's aunt
 The female in-laws toasting (well, some of them anyway)
 Nese among friends who allow her to act the princess
 Mother and Sister-in-Law replacing Nese's earrings with presents, and bending her ears at the same time.
 Eser declaring her over-protective motherhood once again. But Ceylan does not seem to mind
 The groom and mother-in-law get along well.
 Lecturing again and putting a new in-law to sleep.
 Brother-Sister and the in-laws.
 Comfortably away from the maddening crowd at the other end of the room
My brother and nephews aware of the seriousness of the occasion. Two married one at same stage as Nese,  pondering the past and the future. :)

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