27 Mayıs 2013 Pazartesi


Reality is hedonistic just as dreams are. Multiple realities are multidextrously hedonistic. Fortunately,  there are no realities in dreams and no dreams in reality. Hence, misconstrued reality stays with you forever. It becomes your own reality. Other realities may be added to it but non of them ever disappear.

Misguided perceptions, on the other hand, can lead to realities which can change. They are temporary glimpses of very different realities; not necessarily any of yours, or even other people's; just floating coincidental ones that one may come across or walk through unknowingly but quite frequently when one is prone to look for differences of opinion and polarities.

The more realities, and I specifically mean those of the misconstrued and misguidedly perceived types, one can amass and exhibit to himself on shelves, crevasses, holes in walls or in VIP reception rooms, the more empty those spaces appear to you and more cluttered to others who somehow sneak through for a peek. The solving of this puzzle is the epitome of hedonism.

May 28, 2013

Some Realities 
Theatre Days at Alma Mater 
Robert College 1988
Ahmet in red as King Lear

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