28 Aralık 2012 Cuma


It was of a time. It was of no time.

The queen sat in her night gown with pointed pursed nipples sloping
downward. A lady-in-attendance had her legs tucked under, lest a stray
ray of energy should reach her vacuous eyes through the feet if they
touched the ground.

The obvious cat sprawled, turned on her back, 
stretched and fetused back to slumber.

I tried to remember my questions linking time and technology to the princely
grandson who etherized in and out, to no avail. This was not the place for
logic and meaning. There was no coincidence, accident, chance and
probability. It was all as it had been and will be in this solid block of
timeless time.

I extricated myself slowly, silently, carefully shouldering aside strands of
inertia and cobwebs of  momentum which were still trying to unwind from
monolithic memories. 

The door to the multi cases of stairs leading to other obvious,
sprawling cats stood open in front of me.

December, 2012

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