29 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi

June 29 Protests on Taksim Square 6:15-7:30 PM

Simit Cart hiding my Fear of Photographing Police Waiting for Orders

Police blocking entry to center of Taksim Square

The Police with their water cannon  and the People, an everyday sight?

The 30 is hopefully not a pedestrian speed limit for crossing the street !

I was going to ask the girls what they were protesting but they escaped before I could

Police protecting the center concrete in a strange game.

Good location for people watching, underneath Marmara Hotel

Another good location to see and to be seen

This group of police are not really separated. There is another group just around the corner.

Strange character with interesting dog or the other way around.

Same character without hindrance but further away.

It must be the wife. The eyes tell it all.

What do you think those three guys are comparing behind their shields?

The group around the corner and the loner talking and looking tough with hipster pants, but love handles

Just could not delete this disgusted face. Possibly a permanent fixture

Not only the police can be tough

The older lady at the cafe was saluting the police with her glass of beer just before the photo (beer in the open will soon be banned)

Almost nobody in this establishment. Baklava not very good or they refused to aid protesters

Best seating for the action on Taksim Square at terrace of Burger King

Western and Eastern tourists loving the crowds and the excitement

The crowd is getting thicker by the minute as more come up from Istiklal

Just before the groups moved on the square

Lost!  Totally lost ! But, Hey! It's Fun!

These lasses appear to know what is what

Eser, envious of my great photography, tries to block a great shot

Bringing up your child. Show and Tell

Other special lodge seating for the Taksim Square Activities

Group of kids and the police

They actually got me wet while horseplay or intentionally. Eser took the opportunity

The church and the people, the witness and the spectators

For sale as drinking water fresh out of a fridge.

Clapping and chanting group moving towards the center

Police lined up protecting the center (this is after we escaped )

Shot over the heads of the police and some people and after our video of running away.

Others getting away

Behind the police line safely

The T-shirt says it all.

Blaming the ruling party and the Kurdish party for the deaths of the Kurdish and the Worker protesters

A tourist family allowed through the police line on the other side of the square

Family with baby and kid, checking out the square

conservative moslems

The man is selling water and wind up toys !!!

On the way back 

I would not trust this nanny or mother after tonight.

Another group checking each other

These girls are the Foreign agents sent to stop this group of police from doing their duty.
The guy on the left is their startegist

The police protecting the recently gassed flowers and trees of the park 

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