7 Haziran 2013 Cuma

10th Night of Protests at Taksim Square and Gezi Park 10 PM

Toward Taksim from Gumussuyu

The New Kiosk  Doing Business

The Upscale Gezi Patisserie Full with Regulars

Sweet Watermelon Slices for Those Who Cannot Afford Gezi Patisserie

Short lived hot air balloons for long lived hope

Meat ball shish vendor preferring to hide identity

milling crowds on the square

Food truck brought to the square !! Overpowering smell of grilled meats.

Another hope balloon starting to ascend

Learning how to suffocate dad at early age

In the midst of Taksim Square

A conservative family teaching freedom of expression to their children

Crowd listening to a concert on the square

Sign saying, "Table and chair will come back to the streets of Beyoglu"

Do not bow your head

Eser thought she saw a high school friend and then lost her again.

terrible photo but gives good idea of the crowd on the square from steps towards the park

Among the trees for some singing and clapping

"Izmir is here" they say proudly. It looks like they are here for a long stay.

Other squatters and their friends and passers by.

He could not find a place to sit.

I bet he is asking to be taken home.

The magic words on the watermelond rind say, "Taksim Will Be the People's Awakening"

Another group happily settled for the night

Center of the Park

OTrying to see and photograph a larger concert

Drummers In the Park

Back towards the square

A Chick Pea Pilav Vendor

Enjoying their beers in the privacy of the crowds

The Young at Heart Doing a Black Sea Dance with Bagpipes.

And Here's the Turkish Black Sea Bag Pipe Player

The famous blind dog with his seeing-eye man taking a nap

A close up of the dog with his goggles and surgical mask.

Ataturk Cultural Center Operational In Another Way

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