23 Haziran 2013 Pazar

The Morning After Police Intervention, June 23, 2013

Coming Back Home 3:00 PM  Still empty

Next Street Up and Facade of the new Park Hotel

Moving Up towards Taksim on Gumussuyu Boulevard

Huge Derelict Historic Building Is Bigger Risk Than Any Protests

Close Up of the Fire Trap the renovation of which should precede construction of anything on Gezi Park or anywhere on Taksim Square

Occupying Police Forces Resting at Taksim Square

Two Scorpions on Taksim Square

A Popular Current Istanbul Attraction Is the Police Presence  at Taksim

Two Sitting Police Protecting Gezi Park from the People

More police resting 
Eser Feels the Imaginary Water Cannon and the Raw Power of the TOMA

Metal collector with his new found treasure with very low milage

Resting, keeping watch, or protecting?

Blankets and pillow shunned by the cleaning crew and the metal collector? or dropped to be picked again for Sunday night?

Carnation Tree and Homeless Teen at Taksim Square

More police at other end of the square and tourists moving towards hotel or airport bus.

The corner fast food joints and the top floor and terrace of Burger King which stayed open throughout police intervention last night.

Beginning of Siraselviler Street towrds Cihangir, Scene of major police water and gas attacks last night.

Start of Istiklal Street from Taksim Square, with French Consulate behind the trees on the right.
A shoe store that is open on Sunday and was open until the police started rushing into Istiklal last night.

A Different accordion player 

Corn and bomb?

This was a popular side street off Istiklal with  street seating cafes and restaurants, until they were banned last year.
Pepper gassed heavily last night.

The typical playful Ice Cream Man
Many tourists from Middle East and North Africa, both conservative and modern.

And other tourists

Another heavily gassed side street which was full of backgammon, tea and beer joints till last year.

Where are all the pubs, cafes and backgammon tables and chairs?

Famous Nevizade Street of reasonably priced Meyhanes. Attacked by police about 10:00 PM last night when all restaurants were full.

Another picture of Nevizade. I will try to download video of pepper gas chaos from last night taken by waiter of one of the waiters.

Moving towards Istiklal from Fish Market

Avrupa Arcade, between the Flower/Fish Market and British Consulate old gate

Galatasaray Gates, well known meeting point for the lost and their families.

Gates of Galatasaray High School, Midway on Istiklal.

A TOMA and plainclothesmen protecting British Royal Family?

Yesterday was no different than this on Istiklal, a few hours before the police intervention

Endless Historic Trams Moving Towards the Future

Young Turk Association Selling Banners and T-Shirts Calling for Resignation of Turkish Prime Minister on Istiklal

 Kid Protesting High Cost of Historic Tram?

Two Carts, One Absentee Vendor with Materials

The German Consulate in Istanbul. One Street Above Ours.
Leaving Our Home. Noon, June 23, 2013

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