14 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

Some Ideas For Graduate Courses for Students of the Middle East

Soc.& Pol. Anthropology 501:
The next 100 year History of Islam, Conflict, Confusion, Collusion, Consensus and Cohesion in the Middle East.

The unbearable weight of the cultural addiction to being ruled authoritatively  and rewarded for being subservient.

 Pol.Sci. 401:
 If, in a Country, the majority of the population vote to be subjected to authoritarian rule with limitations on Human Rights at elections, is this Democracy?

Pol.Sci. 412:
Case of Egypt  2013:  Do you support freedom of opinion and protest for Islamists wishing to prohibit those rights?

Phil. 422:
The ethics of introducing human rights, democracy and concepts of compassion and empathy to a culture and a geographical region which may have lived without such ideas for thousands of years.

Soc.Psych. 423:
Attitude and Behavioral Change And Effects of Social Media in  Societies Which Have Traditionally Resisted Change.

Pol.Sci. 599:

International Intelligence Operations Group Study: The Multi-Disciplinary Requirements of Social Engineering in Subject Countries and/or Regions and Problems and Issues in Their Applications. 

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