4 Eylül 2007 Salı



I am not very sure I have a riskology degree.
If I have one, could it be a PhD?
Or did I drop out of highschool?
Not even having learned the probabilities of pool.

I do not remember when to riskology school I applied.
I must have been young enough to have nappies tied.
Maybe the application form was not filled properly.
Or the essay was not very scholarly.

I took risks I shouldn't.
I am sure many of which, you wouldn't.
But the ones I did not take,
Would have made life a piece of cake.

I wonder if the science of riskology,
Like apialogy or humanology,
Is a subject for an advanced degree
In an alternate universe where the dominant form is the bee?

Ahmet C. Celebiler 09/08/2005

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