2 Ağustos 2018 Perşembe


I came across a book on the shelves of a professors's office while waiting to attend his class as a guest speaker at University of Denver in 1909 that argued religion is on the rise, replacing technology, as off the 1970's.

I thought he had a valid point and we discussed it with Joe, who had forgotten that he ever had that book. 

My favorite cause for this evaluation is that I believe that technology and especially IT has gone far beyond the common man's reach or grasp. Most of us feel inadequate and unable to comprehend where we and our lives as well as our nations and the world are going. This is resulting in making not only ourselves but our visions also meaningless and insignificant.

When people feel that way, they will look for solutions and escape in other values and beliefs than a scientific utopia which is already being damaged by dystopic films, TV series and art in the media.

Logic and scientific thought and investigation being, at this stage, beyond our ability, we can only find happiness in absolute truths and lack of the use of scientific method, where you do not and cannot criticize given hypotheses and theories.

As wise men say, education could solve this. But the educators are no different from us and many of them already have been laid to waste by the road side or are feeling inadequate.to the degree of depression and immobility.

Should we wait for the impending ice age which will surely follow the global warming that has started and is developing with leaps and bounds, to cull the human race to a population density level that will allow a more scientific culture can bloom?

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