16 Haziran 2017 Cuma



Foibles of college life, remembered at odd times, are but anecdotes from previous reincarnations. They carry no compassion, empathy, envy, grief, greed or hate, not even humour for those who have moved forward to perception of new energies, new climates and especially new mysteries.

If and when you find the occasion to talk of those foibles, and try to reminisce with those you believe to have shared those days, months, years, you may discover new memories, not your own, new perceptions of old events or non-events or even total amnesia, having bleached out certain memories or the means to access the peculiar nooks and crannies of the mind.

Alumni mass get-togethers of most and sundry provide good occasions to deliver and suffer jolts, find new myths, mysteries and doubts, and also certainties; allowing us to realise once more, and with force, our differences from each other and from ourselves, then and now.

We have lived during many ages of mankind and will continue to do so, hopefully sharing our times and lives with each other even when we cannot see ourselves or each other even in mirrors. 

Written for my Robert College Class of '67  50th Graduation Anniversary booklet 

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