31 Mayıs 2014 Cumartesi

As Turkey Gains Speed in Greedily Moving Towards the Unknown

The following was written as a comment to an article describing a new book :

It opened some new switches and allowed free flow of neurons between dusty areas in my brain which possibly promptly settled back into their previous state of sedation.

Turkey 2014: A New Adventure by Lewis Carroll

  • ahmet celebiler  3 months ago
    I like Lewis Carroll but think that Jonathan Swift's "A Modest proposal" would be more fitting to the current situation in Turkey which has been approaching for the last twenty years for those who could read the signs. ( More than a few fortune tellers in this superstitious area of the world)
    The logic behind the actions of the major political figures in Turkey is not an absurd one in a topsy turvy world. They have a very solid reality of their own, built upon ignorance and lack of intellectual and emotional capacity. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the Anatolian public do not see anything wrong with this illusional reality because their survival have depended in adapting to haphazardly and greedily constructed unreal realities for millenia.
    Every time some try to wake up in these lands they are force fed sedatives, hallucinatory drugs or sent on a venture to hunt the Snark.
    Thanks for another chime on the "Snooze Alarm."

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